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Maintain america act

This week the director of national intelligence appeared while watching congressional intelligence committee.Updating the foreign intelligence monitoring act(Fisa)Is crucial because of tech advancements that create a serious case of unintended consequences.The main problem is that fisa does not have trouble with us listening in on conversations with foreign nationals when they pass through the air(Cel mobile phones, sat mobile phones etc. ).As soon as interaction passes over a wire though it now requires a warrant.Now let me see to it this is clear.If obl calls the new head of al khaida in iraq and he uses a land based(And this also today is fiber optic)And most likely will move across a switch in the us, we can not listen in on that chat without a warrant.This is giving obl 4th variation rights and i do not think was the intend.

We also had circumstances last may when some of our troops were kidnapped in iraq.We picked up a mobile call(Again traditional fiber optics)From the kidnappers but we cannot go"Are"With the call need their supplements refilled warrant.Now there is a procedure in place for emergency warrants but the dni still has to build a case of probable cause which needs his or her growth be upheld in court.This took about 12 hrs before and meant we could not legally listen to the chat for that time.In this case during the discussion, chairman rayes(D arizona)Said that he believed a common sense approach would have been to go live on the call since our troops lives are at stake and worry about the outcomes later.He considered that a common sense approach which i actually applaud him but lamentably, it may be a felony.

And that the trouble with the fisa it needs to be updated, the protect america act has a lot of oversight such as judicial review features, constant Pandora Charms Cheap UK revision and tightening of legal understanding.Any member from the data committee can walk in the nsa and look at any record they choose etc.The methods they outline in the protect america act are used in today wire tap procedures that have been accepted in all court proceedings.The irony in all this though is not passing this would give terrorists 4th amendment rights and that is something i find improper.

If you want reading the written statement of the dni you can find it here:

This was serviced at length.What the results are is that computers listen and pick things up.Analysts can not access the feedback until after the attorney general signs off on the emergency warrant.He can not sign off on the warrant until the dni has generated probable cause which needs to be tight enough to be upheld in federal court.If they may possibly used a cell phone we could have gone live on that instantly.

This brings out position.All this debate, while good and makes we feel better, kind of makes me wonder if is such the best thing.I have to imagine that terrorists can read our newspapers just as good as anyone and that seemed to be the reason they used a land line rather then a cell phone.

Our founders wrote the structure with the promise of inalienable right to all men.That means there is no position where those rights can or should be restricted, irrespective of reason.They understood that bad people will therefore be able to do bad things but considered that insecurity a small investment for liberty.That called primary.Freedom asks courage, not really cowardice.It is cowardice that helps bring the repeal of"Inalienable liberties"For the illusion of security measures.The particular"Patriot function"Has not even attempt to do with patriotism.

Mike, not nearly sure what your point is.Are you saying the constitution covers foreign terrorists far away?We are talking about a technicallity which limits us from listen in to foreign targets in a foreign land only because current technology uses wires and they happen to feed our country.But you'd be better with happy to know that should obl come to the us and wake up a sleeper cell with a phone call he would be covered under the 4th amendment.

Its basically bush that controls this.There are many courts who oversee this, congress can review any and all procedures or even files with no warning.The sort of"Terrorism"As reason for unconstitutional search and seizure is merely a vehicle to disguise the larger game.We are under the rule of an admin who has politicized every aspect of administration yet we are to trust the use of these illegal powers because of vauge unsubstanciated threat?Wear them trustworthy about george bush or his admin.They can operate with the present check and balance, within the existing legal system but choose not to and these despots wish us to believe for the reason that of"Terrorism, when 3000 people daily walk all around the border unimpeded, when thousands of containers traverse the world on trucks and rail unchecked since loading of foreign ports?We have no clue how or to what extent bush and his rnc minions have invaded the lives of americans and for what reasons.We do recognize"Prevention"Is not a reputable excuse.

Definitely col, goes a greater distance then that.If someone of great curiosity calls someone in the us, that individual portion(No matter if he is an illigal alien)Of the dialogue is"Lessen"Which is accepted practice and upheld in all legal procedings in us courts the past 30 or so years.

Methods the minimized pandora jewellery australia stockists portion of conversation can be listened to is after a warrant.

I for one don't believe that illigal immigrants should be protected under the constitution.I do realize that determining if the recepiant of a call in the us is a us citizen can not be done instantaniously so would only slow the process down so they are given 4th amendment rights.

Agreed that we need to keep tabs on terrorists and their communcations and plans and sometimes it means listening to american phone calls until a logically consistant structure can be put in place that is constitutional that everyone can accept.

Which is cruc of the matter.Since the federal government is not explaining the kinds of situations that can occur here, it leaves room for the knee jerkers here to make lots of wild complaints.Nevermind that making posts on the web is one way for a government to find and track dissident easily.If they would definitely.

At this point there is no evidence that our own government is acting in bad faith or doing anything they ought not to be doing.

My biggest fear is that americans who are very not educated, informed or experienced enough in technology or the constitution will not be able at some point to fullfill their citizen duties because they will be ineffective at comprehending the questions and threats of all this technology.This is a national conversation that has not happened or even attempted to be produced.

When technolgy advances so much that you can be effective x rayed in your office, probed in your body, followed everywhere that you are experiencing, tracked in every idea that you have ever tried, there quite a bit of thinking, and brilliant thinking that is going to be needed to discover how to live in freedom in such a world, or what liberty even means?

U s regulations in iraq, the person is lying again.It becomes an out and out lie, they should use lies to scare you.They couldn you should look in on iraqi kidnappers?The thing that bull shite.Recall the hussein bros uday n qusay(Pig latina? )In addition, abu musab al zarqawi, we were holding Pandora rings uk on sale found out and ka boom, instant u s of a's justice.Don tell me we couldn spy on them as they simply had rights, i am not too gullible.

No irritating, you may not be gullible but you are wrong.The irony is they could have listened if it was a cel phone but because it was a wire(Business, fiber optics to always be exact)Which experienced a us switch(On our where you live now)Nid had to get a crisis warrant.Kind of makes you wonder why they didnt use a cellphone doesnt it.Them do their research.I didnt watch it all on c span till a short while ago when they aired it again.

It is wonderful how you right wingers are missing the point.Freedom comes with the chance of insecurity.When security is measured against freedom in the metabolic rate or legal precedent freedom wins.Our founders new the risks and lived in far greater peril than we can concieve yet they chose to prohibit search and seizure full well if you know choice could mean a loss of security.America is an unmanageable security enviornment, always was and will be.You guys make this seem like a significant"Collateral loophole"That is patently bogus.

When can a cop enter your home without a warrant?When he has cheap suspicion that a felony is being commited.Somebody will sit idly by knowing he is required to follow the rules and let terrorist go?Not a way!In the korean mismatch, u s pilots robotically flew into china.In viet nam their friends and friends were not immune from u s attacks.

Now our military is all pomp and move through rules?Fantasize on!If man or women didn listen in, it was not because they didn't want to break the law?Mess?Lying down?

You'll find ulterior motives for this lie.

They sacrificed kidnapped troops while they had to give terrorist their rights?These lies work on am radio where mindless minions tune in as there are no debate.To this article, your lies usually get called out.

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